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We're SOVA team and we're glad to see you on our website!

SOVA is a family-run restaurant of modern cuisine with elements of traditional Czech dishes. Here you can taste Smoked carp salad with real wood smoke, Veal cheeks stewed in red wine with mashed potatoes and “brushwood” made from celery, Signature dark beer sorbet with buckwheat mousse and much more! And also we have gluten-free and vegetarian options :)

We're not a "fine-dining" restaurant, so you don't need to choose some special date and put on your best clothes to visit us. We just want you to eat tasty food made from fresh products. 
But, of course, we will be happy to share with you your special date, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any other important day in your life.

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Prague, Czech republic


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Temporarily closed

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